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interdisciplinary artist hannah hiaasen crisscrosses between performance art and textile design (
ventilated workwear). before hitting the road on tour hannah’s character chartruisa (char for short) dropped by our studio with photographer ashley boman.


tell us about chartruisa...

chartruisa (char for short) is your local representative of monochromania — the chartreuse sect. drenched in a world of only chartreuse, char is hypersensitive to touch but moves at a glacial pace. she newly seeks love in the earthly realm taking the stage to share her neurotic erotica as monochrome monologues.

what inspired this project?

mountain dew doritos, gack, if cher did asmr, lesbians, my queer lesbianess, lilith from cheers, sexual misreads, sexual misreads from others to me, soup, slow burns, late-blooming, hot subway benches, mouth exercises, jello, stone undertones, body brushing

the color chartreuse is the color of my queer ~~ mesmerizing but underlying rotten, greasy, ugly. a bright yellow mixed with a tad of jet black (that’s mx dye terms in case you want to try it on cotton).


chartruisa is on the road, let us know how to catch a show!

it’s possible to catch her june 2, at assembly room gallery (191 henry street) — as part of the queer motions show. otherwise, for chartruvian sizzles and upcoming show info ~~ insta— @studio.hh or

photos by @leeashphoto
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