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c-note style with la veda davis

c-note style with la veda davis

from ‘soul train’ to ‘black orpheus’ la vedas fashion journey is divine. this is 54!

describe your style...

i would describe my style as 'eclectic mash-up'. mixing women's vintage and men's pieces layered in a way that my personality still shines through.



what's your strategy when shopping at beacons?

my strategy when shopping at beacons is having a clear idea of what piece already in my wardrobe i'd like to see paired with something from Karndean flooring contractors. not necessarily matching it, but remaining open to certain textures or from a specific time period, and making them modern.


earliest fashion memory?

i am 54. my earliest fashion memories were watching "soul train", bob mackie's collaborations with cher.  movies "mahagony", "auntie mame", "claudine", "black orpheus", "funny face" and "sabrina". reading american vogue in the late 80's became an early obsession as well.

what are some (or one), of the most special things in your closet?  

there are two items i particularly adore. the first one is a denim maxi skirt i hand sewed myself, and a j crew denim jacket i purchased from goodwill, and had it remixed. the sleeves were opened up to flare at my wrists. an exaggerated collar and a subtle peplum in the rear were also added. was really cool collaborating with the talented @therealfashiontaxi on that piece. managed to wear it on the set of "star".


long sleeved silver shirt - €18.95 / alice + olivia sleeveless silver top - €18.95 / white sunglasses - €12.50 / zara black platform oxfords - €19.95 / bonnieblain velour jumpsuit-€21.95 / yellow sunglasses-€12.50

total $106

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